andromeda is an android

[ I ]
i don’t sensationalize romance she said
as i literally plucked a heartstring
from the sparkling crystal caverns
within every dew-drop
on the inside of your mouth

[ II ]
as i child i have found
the earth is made of butterfly wings,
old tin cans and string
i have yelled god-like
things into the earth
and it’s heart fluttered
yet a man in japan
simply turned his ear
towards the ground

[ III ]
the sweet brier beings
stare deep into the
nebula coloured caramel
of the sky
'there is a fox walking on the stars'
i grin up there

[ IV ]
in a sweet pasture
andromeda is an android
and i kiss 2.5 million light-years away
in an instant
robots are cute when they blush

[ V ]
inside our collective
the jester is spinning and twisting
on his coattails
soft and sweetly lightly dancing
so god i love! so god i love so god!
the kings and queens and fairies
are so good so god! so god
let us drink early coffee
and leap with the sun rise so god!
so god let us live because so god we are alive!

why do other people have to be sad (besides me)
who is in charge and what did anyone do wrong ( )
to deserve being sad
god is a fuckface and im displeased with him
i am tapping my foot and holding a ladle 
i am going to kick his butt because i am sanji from one piece
im nami i am a badass chick 
ill steal gods pocketwatch
for taking away so much time from people
they could enjoy ( )

the roof rained spring water for three whole days
n’ the light made you look so springful 
like a fairy folk
sitting on the edge of a waterfall in a clearing
i cupped my hands and gathered a pool there
splashing it on my face i kissed you new
and didnt try to find anything

i am a woodmouse adventurer

The world is wide, the past is dim and jaundiced, and the blue of the sky is stretched thin.

I will spit at the clouds and laugh, rolling over in bed, at the intricate meaninglessness of the morning I am rolling in, ‘till by force of moving being (human or animal or mostly plant) the daydream of light sifting itself through the curtains will center it’s rending on me; me not moving and now very much alive as sleepers and nihilists are dead.

The cloth slipped on, I will slipp and sler with bounced natural movements, feel light in my carriage plus knapsack. With alpenglow on my cheeks I am many places, sometimes at once.

WOW!                                                                                                             Life Is Tall!

WOW!                                                                                                             I Like Ninjas

check this short lil ebook thing i made if u want

(always unsure of how to brand)
i am a seahorse in an aquarium
i am unsure of what that means
because i am a seahorse
i am a very dumb animal

I will walk through the snow
to a yellow lit porch
monitored by a surveillance camera
There I will think hard in a way
of thinking nothing much
with my eyes on the trees
and stairs and snow
all painted off green
or brown or white
There isn’t much
I haven’t had in a way
there isn’t much to have
in a way
where we all have what everyone
does in portions or slices or cupcakes
and so on and so forth the
old man stumbles tonguely
I was told a spry universe
in the throat of a young girl
whom i love
last night
the night
was beeping
and screeching
and thudding on my window
I felt so at peace
when she spoke
as if my daydreams
and her prettiness
meant as much as I said
and more than I felt
they do
there is so much that is misty here
there is so much around
that i have to be vague about it
even when I’m being specific
every human is an apple with bruises
it is still fine to eat
but it is not like a human
like an apple is not like an apple
or a bruise a bruise
just like i am not you, you are not me
So All We Can Do
is be sure about little things
very little
like that i love someone
and she read Leonard Cohen to me
through the phone
at 3am
during a spring snowstorm
and then i fought shin deep
down the road
and sat in a deserted bus stop
at 5am
and the wind whipping around me
was still
and my cigarette
was lit
and the sound of my
soft, broken falsetto
echoed ‘n reverberated
on the glass walls

lovesong for a new universe

The concord of my heart is singing
sweetly, singing
in the rosy mountaintops
My vision feels straight
and sparrow
on the rolling fog trees
and bonsai
growing perfectly

Sit with me on a b-minor
pine log covered in grey moss
misty in the moonlight
(There were many bad things
in the world so we built a new one

out of serendipity light)
Focused in sphere
by all the nice
of you, separately

There are points of energy
on earth as much
like the stars
floating above the wavy fields
of borrowers ruled by king-fox-red

in the scavenged pond
filled by more-than-men
where we hold still-soft
like the water making ripples
with our hands and bodies and lips melting
into the atmosphere on earth here the

moon kisses the horizon, the moon
bends down and plants it’s
tired lovesick eyes on the close and
we are still the pond, still

"I AM MY OWN GOD!" I shout
at the vast of the sky

"i am here" You whisper
in the vast of my

somewhere a leaf rustles;
the owl can turn his head
around almost 360 degrees before
something lovely stops him.

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