there’s always a let down
there’s always a break forth
there’s always a break down
there’s always a let forth

I Might be the Tallest Man on Earth (and I’m Sorry for it)

that constant angry look on your face
and aggresive tweets dont suit you
i swear youre much too nice for this
youve always been much too nice for this
i swear and i swear and i swear
every day 
at or for some part of you (to return)
that i once knew:
dying fields in autumn,
a cute red sweater,
that frightning and exciting feeling of
'what do we do with this'
when we were together;

now what do we do with this
this tightrope stretching across the atlantic,
ive never visited the sea with you
but theres nothing more vast
i could compare this to

now what do i do, love 
(it made you happy when i called you that)
now what do i do with this



You Probably Sneer at My Poetry like it Shouldn’t Exist

O’ Swirling Wind and Angels I am Woefully Indebted!
I pay back a single hundred times, a second, a third,
and for what you have not more you will condemn me for,
a single day, a second, a third, not more! no not more!
You lack lacquer and display prejudice for being alive!
What have you done that is rightly to be justified?
Where is it your sleeping body is reposed
in the night when bats whir,
and do they bite you then?
I know you too little now as I did then
to know you sneer at me when
from my mouth the questions I ask
and the statements I yell
bark to a choir of younger ‘people’
For you are one of them,
they govern you
and are governed by you
You tangling of ethereal strings, lifeless statuettes,
god forsaken peoples and unholy choirs;
Do you speak when you move together?
Do you Love and Laugh and Live when you move together?
Do you Know what Breathing is When you Move?
And How hollow your bones
And How Empty Your Heads
What Robots have you encompassed
and I need not love you.

scrolling through your facebook photos
to find some proof that even
your face has changed
for all it’s

Dreamed of What Am I
Dreamed of Who Was I
Dreamed of Who Are You
Dreamed of the Moon
Dreamed of You a Year on the Moon Playing Among the Stars
Dreamed of How Many of Me Does it Take to Miss You

At the will of the powers that be.

Stepping stones, cigarettes, warm bedtime tea.

i want to date you again
and kiss you over and over
and tell you im sorry
for making you cry so long
but i know
if i do
nothing will get better
because you wont change
i know this
as much as you cry
as hard as you shake
as hollow as you feel
you would never change
to get me back
you are swimming in the stomach
of a cosmic serpent
bending and twisting
as it bends and twists
through our eastern canadian sky

(i wish i could say you were trapped)

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